Pre-Sales Service

Pre-Sales Service is the process from our best of breed consultant giving the best solution from customer requirement. Some of the activity of Pre-Sales Services are: Gather customer IT or Business requirement, taylor made the solution based on requirement, and propose the solution by proposal, List of Material and Presentation.

Low Level Design

Low Level Design is one part of the critical phase that our consultant is create Detail Technical Document that based on customer requirement. This document will be used by our Implementation team to configure and implement our solution.

Project Management

Project Management Service is the process to make sure Edavos and Customer Project can deliver on time, on requirement, and in budget. In this process Project Manager Role is very important to keep every Edavos Solution can be delivered well to customer.

Enterprise Network Infrastructure Assessment

Enterprise Network Infrastructure (ENI) Assessment is a process from our consultant to get deep existing ENI data from customer, analyze the data and give our best recommendation and solution to customer. ENI Assessment usually come from the customer that have new business requirement that existing ENI cannot handle, new IT Department, or finding existing ENI issues.



Edavos Implementation Services is the process of Project, some of the activity of Implementation Services are migration process of existing customer IT Environment, or new solution configure and deliver to customer. Our Edavos Implementation Services will always to deliver on time, on requirement, and on budget solution to customer.



Edavos Maintenance Services is the after sales service that will be delivered to customer. Some of the process from Maintenance Service are replacement device if Hardware broken, Preventive Services (Periodic check to implemented solution), Annual Maintenance Report (Annual Maintenance Activity, Analyze and Recommendation) and corrective services (on demand support if customer have issues). Our Maintenance Services are cover 24 Hours, Office Day service level, or Standby IT Support.