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Account Manager [AM]

Enjoy communicating with others and

want to get incentives of double, even triple salary?

plus, you can work wherever and whenever you want!


  • Male/Female, 22-30yo, live in Surabaya, Solo, Yogyakarta, Semarang, or around it
  • Bachelor’s degree, fresh graduates are welcome
  • Have laptop and smartphone
  • Good personality & attitude


  • Build and maintain relationships with clients (through meeting or phone)
  • Canvasing
  • Use Google Spreadsheet to capture activities and communication with clients/prospects


  • Allowances: transport and phone credit
  • Quarterly bonus: based on individual / team performance
  • Free place and time for work
  • Related Training / Certification
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Content Creator [CC]

Have enthusiasm for the world of design & photography?

Creative, Innovative, and can think out of the box

Plus, you can work wherever and whenever you want!


  • Male/Female, 21 – 26yo
  • Domicilied in Jabodetabek
  • Bachelor of Art & Design or Communication
  • Proficiency with editing software such as Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator & Final cut pro
  • Have enthusiasm for the world of design & videography
  • Able to work individually or in team


  • Create video and design for marketing campaigns
  • Create content and manage social media
  • Develop concept and ideas for digital marketing campaign


  • Allowances: phone credit, etc
  • Incentive bonus
  • Can work anywhere anytime
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Why You Should Join Us

First of all, do you know who are we? If you don’t know about us, please kindly check about Edavos here and what-we-believe

Then, this is the part that gonna answer your questions

1. Work with Family

In Edavos, there are no boundaries between senior and junior. We treat everyone the same with respect and sincerity.

We always do this because we believe everyone is unique and have their own advantages in some sort of field.

2. Non Stop Learning (It’s School of Life)

We can learn anywhere, anytime, anyway, and with anyone as we believe that everyone has their own uniqueness, which we can also learn from them.

What if you can’t learn anymore? We usually seek a new thing, or new interesting technology to “play” with. But in the end, If you stop learning here, yes, you can leave us! (even though we will be sad).

3. Free

You can design your own work frame (time, place, and even how you will work), as long as it’s a match with your jobdesc dan deadline (and yes, most of our jobdesc and deadline make us that free to design it ourself)

4. Appreciation

Thank you!!! We always appreciate every single thing you do even only with words.

Hehe, trust us, it’s gonna make a big difference when you feel appreciated. Just kidding.

Edavos offers so many things as benefits if you join our family. It’s written in each job vacancy as you can see.

Yes, it’s different for every position cause we want to be fair (fair not equal). Maybe we give more to one because they need it more than the others.

5. Not convinced yet? Here some of our family member testimonies:


Hai…. kenalin saya Abrianto sinaga, awal saya masuk kerja di Edavos masih fresh graduate dan belom ngerti seperti apa pekerjaan di dunia IT. Tapi waktu saya interview, ada satu kata yang membuat saya tersentuh, salah satu user mengatakan, di dunia ini tidak ada yang “bodoh” namun yang ada hanyalah terlambat TAU. di situ saya makin yakin untuk bekerja di Edavos, karna yang di butuhkan adalah kerja keras, disiplin dan Integritas. Kalau orang-orang di Edavos mah gak usah di pertanyakan lagi, semua saling mambantu, Ketika ada Troubleshoot di client kita gak di biarkan sendiri, pasti di bantu teman2 se sama Engineer. Di Edavos juga di tekankan Team work dan gak pernah di biarkan pusing sendiri. Selain itu Edavos juga memberikan pelatihan untuk menambah pengetahuan sehingga kita sebagai engineer makin pede saat bertemu client.


Bekerja d edavos selalu terbuka jenjang karir. Bekerja dan belajar


Saya sangat bersyukur bisa join di PT.EDAVOS kurang lebih sudah 6 tahun, jam kerja yang fleksibel,suasana kerja yang nyaman, peduli sesama karyawan dan menjadikan sebuah keluarga di dalam lingkungan kerja…ayo join di PT.EDAVOS..di jamin maknyos


Walaupun baru sebentar kerja disini, aku nyaman bgt karena super kekeluargaan.. solid, friendly, & ga pelit ilmu satu sama lain.


“Sebelumnya, lama saya bekerja di satu tempat tidak pernah lebih dari 2 tahun, tapi di Edavos tidak terasa sudah 6 tahun saya bekerja melewati pasang surut, ada sesuatu hal yang tidak saya temukan di tempat tempat lain yaitu ‘good people’. Saya harap kedepannya saya masih akan bisa terus memberikan yang terbaik untuk Edavos.”


Edavos mempunyai lingkungan kerja yang baik dan nyaman, disamping rekan kerja yang saling support dan kompak, Edavos juga mempunyai pimpinan yang selalu membimbing. Di Edavos kita bisa bekerja sambil belajar karena pekerja akan selalu diasah kemampuannya sehingga bekerja akan lebih tertata dan professional.

How to Apply:

Account Manager


Content Creator

Content Creator

Please fill all the mandatory things, especially your contact number.

At the end of the form, we also ask you to attach your cover letter and CV. Please kindly check the rules or what we need to see in both of your cover letter and CV.

We are very sorry that we can’t process applications that do not qualify (as in not having a cover letter, no information about what we ask, incomplete CV, etc).

And, yeah, feel free to let everyone know about this career page or the application form. Who knows that you or someone you know is a fit in Edavos.